Apply an A-List Personalized Nutrition Program to your practice!

A-List takes premier health care a step further by offering this unique and customized service. The program eliminates the need for patients to organize pills, saving precious time and space from clutter! Best of all, it rids the tendency of missing intake, reminding clients to prioritize nutraceutical consumption.  

Each pack is produced with every step set to the highest standards of sanitation and commitment to cleanliness. Guaranteed.

Through the Personalized Nutrition Program, patients are given access to the highest quality supplements from global and professional brands that are packaged specifically to their individual prescription.

The A-List Personal Nutrition Program is the only one of its kind for health and wellness practitioners. Inquire with us to learn more about the various protocols we have available that will suit your practice. 

Ease in vitamin and supplement intake to your patient’s daily routine with smart and convenient packets...Just tear and take!

If you are a patient interested in this special service, please contact us so we may assist you in taking a step closer to a healthier lifestyle through our affiliate practitioners.