A-List BioPharma and Nutraceuticals Corporation is a health solutions provider offering professional products and services that support healthcare practitioners and specialists. Established in 2009 in Manila, A-List takes pride in taking an innovative approach in making advancements in health products and technologies accessible to local medical networks and their valued patients.

A-List is committed to ultimately provide effective and safe health products and solutions to health and wellness practitioners, enabling them to help individuals reach their greatest potential for living a healthy life.

Working in support to our goals, we bank on proficient and strategic merchandising. With numerous brands and the variety of merchandise saturating the health and consumer industries today, our refined search for reliable partners who provide first-rate service that is pioneering and of exceptional value is our most constant endeavour for our clients.

Why A-List BNC

A-List Biopharma is proud to be an official distributor of professional, top quality US brands such as Designs For Health, Pure EnCapsulations, Complementary Prescriptions and Douglas Labs, all of which are known brands that strive for product excellence – with principles of innovation, science-based research and quality in its core.

Apart from distribution, A-List Biopharma also offers health solutions services that include assistance to pharmaceutical, biotechnological, functional food and medical entities to bring products to the market faster and more effectively. We are also a provider of outsourced services to support applicable business set-ups.